Types of Electric Conductor

Definition of Electric Conductor There are some materials through which the electric current can flow. We call this materials as conductors of electricity. We also call this materials as electric conductor in short as. Types … Read more

Capacitors in Series and Capacitors in Parallel

We often connect a number of capacitors in series or parallel in a circuit. Obviously, we do it to obtain the desired capacitance value. Although, the equivalent capacitance of the series-parallel capacitors is different from … Read more

Solving Equations with Matrix Method

Solving equations with a matrix is a mathematical technique. Also, it is a popular method of solving linear simultaneous equations. Of course, these equations have a number of unknown variables. Sometimes it becomes difficult to … Read more

millmans theorem with voltage source

Millman’s Theorem to Voltage and Current Sources

We can express the Millman’s Theorem in terms of voltage sources. Also, we can express in terms of current sources. Millman’s Theorem Applicable to Voltage Sources This theorem combines both Thevenin’s theorem and Norton’s theorem. … Read more

Gas Insulated Substation

Gas Insulated System an Introduction of GIS

Gas Insulated System or GIS is the modern form of an electrical substation. The power system voltage is rising day by day. Along with this, the system current also rises. Hence, power switchings need a proper … Read more