Alternating Current and Alternating Voltage

Alternating Current and Alternating Voltage

Alternating electrical quantities like alternating current and alternating voltage play a vital role in today’s power system. These quantities improve the versatility and usefulness of the electrical power system. Generating, transmitting, and distributing an alternating … Read more

What is Sinusoidal Wave?

A sinusoidal wave is special type of periodic function. It has continuous negative and positive half cycles. In every positive half-cycle, it starts from zero and reaches its positive maximum value then reduces again to … Read more

Series RLC Circuit Impedance with Phasor Diagram

A series RLC circuit consists of resistance, inductance, and capacitance in series. Whenever we apply a sinusoidal voltage across the series RLC circuit every voltage and current in the circuit will be also sinusoidal in … Read more