Lithium Ion Battery Working and Applications

In the modern era, the lithium-ion battery has become a most useful rechargeable battery. Since this is rechargeable; it comes under the category of secondary batteries. In our smartphones, laptops and other modern gadgets we … Read more

charles augustin de coulomb

Laws of Magnetic Force and Permeability

The laws of magnetic force are somewhat similar to Coulomb’s laws of electrostatic force. As per Coulomb’s law, the electrostatic force acts between two opposite or similar charges. In the same way, there is a … Read more

Coulomb's Law

Coulomb’s Law Statement and Explanation

Two electrically charged bodies or simply two electrical charges either attract or repulse each other. Whether they will attract or repulse depends on the nature of charges they hold. If the charges are opposite, they … Read more

Voltage Stress

Breakdown Voltage and Dielectric Strength

Before discussing the concept about the breakdown voltage and dielectric strength we need to recall our basic knowledge of insulators. Electrically, there are three types of material available. These are conductors, semiconductors, and insulators. A … Read more

Gauss’s Theorem or Gauss’s Law

When an arbitrary closed surface encloses a certain quantity of charge in it, the surface integral of electric intensity will be that enclosed charge divided by permittivity of the medium. This is the Gauss’s law … Read more