Electrolysis and Electrodes Reactions

What is Electrolyte? When we dissolve some specific compounds in water, the compounds split up in positive and negative ions. Due to the presence of ions these solutions can carry electric current. We call these … Read more

Duracell Battery Cells

Battery and Battery Cell

What is the Battery Cell? The electric battery cell is a device. It has two electrodes, immersed in the electrolyte. A battery cell produces electricity. The electricity in the battery is due to chemical reactions … Read more

positive and negative plates of a lead acid battery

Construction of Lead Acid Battery

A lead acid battery cell consists of three main components. These are two electrodes and the electrolyte. The electrodes are of rectangular plate shape. For this reason, we call positive electrodes as positive plates and … Read more

battery room

Maintenance of Lead Acid Battery

Avoid Overcharging We should avoid overcharging of the lead-acid battery. Because of overcharging, may make the lead sulfate harden. Hence, it becomes difficult to convert it to the active materials. Hence, the specific gravity of … Read more