Solving Equations with Matrix Method

Solving equations with a matrix is a mathematical technique. Also, it is a popular method of solving linear simultaneous equations. Of course, these equations have a number of unknown variables. Sometimes it becomes difficult to … Read more

Practical Current Source

Ideal Voltage Source and Ideal Current Source

Ideal Voltage Source An ideal voltage source is such a voltage source which provides an equal open circuit and short circuit voltage. That means the terminal voltage of the source is fixed irrespective of the load circuit connected to the source. … Read more

millmans theorem with voltage source

Millman’s Theorem to Voltage and Current Sources

We can express the Millman’s Theorem in terms of voltage sources. Also, we can express in terms of current sources. Millman’s Theorem Applicable to Voltage Sources This theorem combines both Thevenin’s theorem and Norton’s theorem. … Read more

Electrical Circuit Network

Circuit Analysis or Network Analysis

Definition of Circuit Analysis Electrical Circuit Analysis is a process of finding out different unknown parameters of a circuit. Description The parameters are resistance, voltage, current, power, energy, impedance, admittance, inductance, reactance, capacitance, conductance, phase angle and many more. We often have to … Read more