Solving Equations with Matrix Method

Solving equations with a matrix is a mathematical technique. Also, it is a popular method of solving linear simultaneous equations. Of course, these equations have a number of unknown variables. Sometimes it becomes difficult to … Read more

millmans theorem with voltage source

Millman’s Theorem to Voltage and Current Sources

We can express the Millman’s Theorem in terms of voltage sources. Also, we can express in terms of current sources. Millman’s Theorem Applicable to Voltage Sources This theorem combines both Thevenin’s theorem and Norton’s theorem. … Read more

superposition theorem

Superposition Theorem Statement and Theory

Superposition Theorem is one of the simplified circuit analysis techniques. Suppose there is an active network. Since it is an active network, there may be numbers of active sources acting simultaneously on the network. Statement … Read more

Moritz Von Jacobi

Maximum Power Transfer Theorem

Moritz von Jacobi introduced Maximum Power Transfer Theorem in the year 1840. The theorem establishes a condition between the power source and the load.  At that condition, a power source can deliver the maximum power … Read more

compensation theorem or COT

Compensation Theorem

Before understanding Compensation Theorem, one question that comes in your mind. Why Compensation Theorem? i.e. why do we need this theorem? Compensation Theorem is a useful theorem. We can apply it to directly find the … Read more