Insulation of Transformer

In a transformer, we need to provide the insulation between the core and LV winding and also between the LV winding and HV winding. The insulation comprises of backlight and paper. The insulation system consists … Read more

Transformer Core Types, Material, and Laminations

Transformer Core Power transformers work depending upon the principle of mutual induction between two or more magnetically coupled windings. The proper mutual induction requires an efficient linkage of magnetic flux between the windings. Therefore there … Read more

EMF Equation of Power Transformer

Whenever we apply an alternating current to the primary of a power transformer there will be an alternating flux created inside the transformer core. The flux inside the transformer core will link with both of … Read more

Jet Pump

Jet Pump Working Principle and Theory

When the level of underground water becomes quite down we use a Jet pump. Because in that case centrifugal pump or other rotary pumps cannot lift the water from that down level. The working principle … Read more

diffusion pump

Diffusion Pump Working Principle and Theory

The working principle of a diffusion pump depends on the interdiffusion phenomenon between two different gasses. Gaede had developed this type of pump in the year 1815. After that Langmuir had developed the practical and … Read more