compensating winding in dc machines

Compensating Winding in DC Machines

We use Compensating Winding in larger rated DC generator and motor. In large DC machines like motors of rolling mills, turbo generators etc. there may be a large fluctuation of the load. The fluctuation of … Read more

Parallel Operation of DC Generators

DC Generators in Parallel Operation

In generating station we always find that numbers of generator run in parallel. There are several advantages of parallel operation of generators. We will discuss those advantages one by one in the following content of … Read more

external characteristics of compound dc generator

Different Characteristics of DC Generators

There are three very important characteristics of DC generator. No Load Characteristic of DC Generator We also refer to the no-load characteristic as the open circuit characteristic or magnetic characteristic. When we do not connect … Read more

Uses or Applications of DC Generators

Applications of Shunt Field DC Generators Applications of Series Field DC Generators Application of Compound DC Generators Applications of Shunt Field DC Generators The terminal voltage of the shunt field generator is almost constant or … Read more

interpoles of dc machine

Methods of Improving Commutation

We require methods of improving commutation in dc machines. Perfect commutation requires complete current reversal within the commutation period. But generally due to the reactance of the armature winding quick current reversal is not possible … Read more