Characteristics of Compound DC Generator

There are mainly two types of dc compound generator. These are long shunt and short shunt. For more information for these two types of dc generator please check the post types of dc generator. Both … Read more


Construction of DC Generator

A DC generator has the following essential parts. Magnetic Frame or Yoke Pole Cores and Pole shoes Field Coils Armature Core Armature Windings Commutator Carbon Brushes Magnetic Frame or Yoke The outer cover frame of … Read more

compensating winding in dc machines

Compensating Winding in DC Machines

We use compensating winding in larger rated dc generators and dc motors. In large dc machines like motors of rolling mills, turbo generators, etc. there may be a large fluctuation of the load. The fluctuation … Read more

Parallel Operation of DC Generators

DC Generators in Parallel Operation

In generating station we always find that numbers of generator run in parallel. There are several advantages of parallel operation of generators. We will discuss those advantages one by one in the following content of … Read more