block diagram of a sampling oscilloscope

Sampling Oscilloscope Working and Block Diagram

The general cathode ray oscilloscope generally does not have a very wide bandwidth of operation. Hence, the direct tracing of waveforms for a very high-frequency signal may not be possible. Since the brightness and sharpness … Read more

dual trace oscilloscope

Dual Trace Oscilloscope or Dual Trace CTR

Sometimes we require to compare two different signals simultaneously. In that case, we may use two different oscilloscopes for the purpose. But it becomes difficult to trigger two different sweep generators at the same instant. … Read more

Block Diagram of a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

Block Diagram of a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

Vertical Deflection System When we use electrostatic vertical deflection we need to feed the input signal to the horizontal plates. The input signal passes through an attenuator and a number of amplifier stages. The vertical … Read more

horizontal amplifier of cro

Horizontal Amplifier and Sweep Generator of CRO

Before discussing the horizontal amplifier we need discuss the basic concept of sweep generator. Because the sweep generator feeds the horizontal amplifier in a CRO. Then the horizontal amplifier feeds the vertical plates for horizontal … Read more