Schering Bridge

Schering Bridge Construction and Theory

Schering Bridge is very important capacitance measuring bridge circuit. It is also capable of measuring the dielectric loss of the capacitor in addition to its capacitance value. It compares the capacitance of an imperfect capacitor … Read more

Heaviside Campbell Equal Ratio Bridge

Heaviside Campbell Equal Ratio Bridge

This is an AC bridge. This Bridge uses mutual inductance to measure self-inductance over a wide range. Heaviside Campbell Equal Ratio Bridge employees a standard variable mutual inductance for the purpose. We connect the primary … Read more

Maxwell Wien Bridge

Maxwell Wien Bridge Circuit and Theory

This is the modified version of simple Maxwell Bridge. In Maxwell Bridge, we find the value of unknown inductance in terms of known inductance. Instead of using a variable inductor in Maxwell Wien Bridge, we … Read more

AC Bridge

AC Bridge and Theory of AC Bridge

We use these bridges for measurement of inductances and capacitances in the most accurate manner. Principally, an AC Bridge is similar to the Wheatstone bridge. Like Wheatstone Bridge, it has also four arms. Instead of … Read more