alternating field type moving iron power factor meter

Moving Iron Power Factor Meters

There are two varieties of moving iron type power factor meter. These are rotating field type and alternating field type. Rotating Field Type Power Factor Meter Construction In this type of moving iron power factor … Read more

electrical resonance type frequency meter

Electrical Resonance Type Frequency Meter

The electrical resonance type frequency meter is an indicating type instrument. As the name suggests its action depends upon the electrical resonance. Construction of Electrical Resonance Type Frequency Meter It mainly consists of a fixed … Read more

D'Arsonval Galvanometer

D’Arsonval Galvanometer Construction Working

Construction of D’Arsonval Galvanometer D’Arsonval Galvanometer consists of two main parts A permanent magnet A light coil Here we use a very lightweight rectangular or circular aluminum frame. Then, on that aluminum frame, we wrap … Read more

Galvanometer Types Applications of Galvanometer

The galvanometer is an indicating instrument. This instrument mainly detects the presence of any small electric signal in a circuit. Although this instrument can measure currents and voltages. But we normally use this instrument to … Read more

Induction Type Watt Hour Meter

Induction Type Watt Hour Meter or Energy Meter

The electromechanical type energy meter, what we use in our domestic and industrial installation is single phase induction type watt hour meter. Although nowadays, the Electric Supply Companies, are replacing the conventional electromechanical type meters … Read more