True R.M.S Voltmeter Working and Theory

In this instrument one amplifier first amplifies the input signal. Then it fads the amplified signal into the directly heated filament of a vacuum diode. The filament should have small thermal time constant to respond … Read more

Electronic Voltmeter Types of Electronic Voltmeter

Electronic voltmeters use rectifiers, amplifiers and other circuit elements to produce a current. And this current is proportional to the voltage to be measure. A conventional voltmeter takes a non negligeable current from the circuit … Read more

Burden of Instrument Transformer (CT PT and CVT)

Instrument transformers are basically the transformers like normal purpose transformers, instrument transformers have also to carry electrical loads. So, like other general purpose transformers instrument transformer (current transformers and potential transformers) must have a certain … Read more

Specification of Voltage Transformer

The specifications of a voltage transformer mean the parameters by which the equipment is specified. The specifications of a voltage transformer are as follows. Rated Secondary Voltage Rated Outputs OR VA Ratings Class of Accuracy … Read more

Potential Transformer or Voltage Transformer

Voltage transformers or potential transformers are step-down transformers. A voltage or potential transformer is a kind of instrument transformers. Principally this type of instrument transformer is similar to a step-down power transformer. But its use … Read more

Instrument Transformers (CT and PT)

For the measurement of large alternating currents, we use current transformers. On the other hand for measurement of high alternating voltages we use potential transformers. We call these current transformers and potential transformers together as … Read more