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Welcome to www.aboutcircuit.com. The blog is to help our visitors. The visitors can gain gaining complex concepts of electrical and related sciences. They can get it in a very simple approach. We the few electrical engineers have developed this blog. Also, we are developing the blog day by day. We are trying to include as many as possible articles. Because we wish benefits of all levels of visitors. Many of us having experience of even more than 20 years.  We all are from the field of electrical engineering and technology.

electrical engineering

We are trying to cover all electrical topics. These topics are related to electrical technology. These topics also help to professional people.

Also, we focus the need of student communities. The articles are in very simple English. So far we have covered many topics. Also, we will cover many other articles one by one.

So please keep in touch with us. You receive the latest electrical engineering topic on a regular basis.

We have also focused on the questions. The patterns of the questions for different competitive examinations. These help you to succeed in the electrical engineering field.

New Releases

The topics that we have already included in the blog are

Basic Electrical Engineering,

Resistors and Resistance,

Capacitors and Capacitance,

Inductors and Inductance,

Batteries, Circuit Analysis,

DC Generators,

DC Motors,

Electrical Measurements,

Illumination Engineering,

Objective Type Question with Answers and Hints.

Although there are many other sections of electrical engineering. But, we have not shown on the list.

We have also provided the YouTube video on most of the posts. All these videos are of electrical engineering topics.

Our YouTube channel is About Circuit YouTube Channel