Power Diode

What is a Power Diode?

You may have already gone through the definition of Power Electronics (i.e. electronics applied at power-level). Similarly, Power Diode is the Diode (semiconductor-based p-n junction diode) which works at High Power and High Voltage level. … Read more

Types of Power Diode

We classify Power Diodes as shown in the figure. This classification is mainly on the basis of Reverse Recovery Time and the manufacturing process, Penetration of the Depletion Region (into the n+ layer) during the … Read more

ON OFF Characteristics of Power Diodes

Diodes are classified, based on two criteria. Based on the width of the depletion region during Reverse Biased condition Based on the Reverse Recovery Time (to be discussed under ‘Reverse Recovery Characteristics’) and manufacturing process. … Read more


Reverse Recovery Characteristics of Diode

It is a transient condition. We obtain this characteristic when the diode enters the reverse biased state (i.e. the off-state) from the forward Biased state (i.e. the on-state). It is exactly the reverse process of … Read more

freewheeling diode

Freewheeling Diode and its Working Principle

A freewheeling diode is a protective diode. We use this diode only for protecting the semiconductor switches. Such semiconductor switches are diodes, transistors (BJT/MOSFET/IGBT), thyristors, etc. In the above figure, we connect a diode across … Read more