Electrical Busbar Systems

There are numbers of incoming and outgoing feeders and transformers connected together in an electrical substation. But practically it is not possible to connect all the feeders and transformers together at a particular point or … Read more

maintenance of current transformer

Maintenance of Current Transformer

The current transformer (CT) is the essential equipment of a substation. Not only for metering purposes, but CT also takes a vital role in protections. Any malfunction of a current transformer can generate huge damage … Read more

maintenance of potential transformer

Maintenance of Potential Transformer (PT and CVT)

The maintenance of a potential transformer is somewhat similar to the maintenance of a current transformer. The potential transformer performs a vital role in voltage measurement and distance protection scheme of the system. There is … Read more

maintenance of sf6 circuit breaker

Maintenance of SF6 Circuit Breaker

This breaker uses SF6 or sulfur hexafluoride as arc quenching or arc extinguisher medium. Although SF6 has very good dielectric property. But like minimum oil circuit breaker, the SF6 CB only utilizes the extinguishing property … Read more

maintenance of minimum oil circuit breaker

Maintenance of Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker

Needs for Maintenance of Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker (MOCB) The bulk oil circuit breaker (BOCB) had become obsolete many years ago. Nowadays, the minimum oil circuit breaker (OCB) has also become almost obsolete. But there … Read more